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Electric ovens for pizza and delicatessen
Mã sản phẩm: : CIT EP 65 MC

Model: CIT EP 65 MC

Dimension: 940x770x350mm (Ext) 650x600x120mm (Int)

Temperature range: 370oC

Power: 4.2Kw + 4.2Kw

Vol: 380V/50Hz

WEIGHT: 145kg

CITIZEN EP 65 is compact and of modern design. Made out of stainless steel, CITIZEN EP 65 is a twin-chamber oven with the possibility to stack up to two CITIZEN EP 65. The baking surface of CITIZEN EP 65 is in a special refractory material to enable a proper diffusion of the heat. Thanks to this characteristic this oven is particularly suitable to bake pizza directly on the refractory stone or in baking trays. The oven doors are equipped with athermic handles and with tempered glass to check out the baking level at any time. Each baking chamber is complete of internal light and steam exhaust.

OPERATION: Each baking chamber is completely independent and can be operated separately from the other; top and bottom heating elements are controlled separately by means of thermostats (max. temperature: 370°C). Heating is performed by means of stainless steel armour-plated elements powered up near the door in order to compensate heating dispersion.

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